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A Capricorn born January 4 is symbolized by the goat and has a quirky and sympathetic nature. Learn about January 4 birthday astrology.

No Astrological event need be "bad," or have "evil" effects, regardless of whether we're using Vedic, Chinese, Western, or any other approach to figuring out cycles within "All-That-Is. No matter where an Eclipse falls, we can turn it to good. Favorable ways to use Eclipse energies can be seen by the aspects in eclipse charts as they impact our natal and progressed planets.

12 Tips For The Capricorn Lunar Eclipse

And because time is an unbroken continuum, we can anticipate what is ending and let it go with grace and a sense of surrendering to a greater life in the becoming. The choices we make at crucial astrological junctures bring pleasurable or painful circumstances, depending on what we need to learn. These choices are directly related to how evolved our planetary responses are. It is up to us to determine whether our Moon, Sun, Mercury or any other natal planet involved in eclipses, "bad" aspects, and configurations manifests productively or non-productively.

From the NASA site, we see the magnitude is. The Penumbral phase begins at UT, and the Umbral phase begins at It will be visible in South America at moonrise, and east Asia and Oz at moonset.

It will be fully visible in Africa, Europe, and west Asia. Besides these regions of the world, it will also impact all who have late Cancer and Capricorn on the angles, or any planet in that part of the zodiac. This Partial Lunar Eclipse in Cancer-Capricorn over the next few months will lead us to blessings and power to take leadership positions, expressed in ways and means of achieving security in practical forms.

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo

We will all have opportunities to grow in our ability to care for something or someone, as well as leave old inhibitions behind which were based in ancient defeats leading to spiritual victories. While there will be polarization and realizations due to the oppositions, there are also very favorable indicators in Mars trine Jupiter and Venus trine Neptune.

With Venus quintile Uranus, we will see the growth of the foundations of a new quality of life already in the making. This quintile will bring unique individualizing circumstances over the next few months, especially wherever we have early Taurus and mid-Cancer. Areas specifically affected include Taurus, Cancer, 28 Virgo-2 Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius. Though there are always endings associated with any Eclipse, these open the space we need to align with Spirit in natural and productive ways. Take a new look to see what really matters and what you do and do not want to bring with you into the new world opening before your very eyes.

Good ways to use this eclipse include accepting the grace of blessing to become a leader in some way and being alertly ready to act without falling into confusion or drifting. Confront any need to reclaim power that was locked up in the past, and see it all as a friendly competition as you come to the seed knowledge you will need in your new future life. There is a lot of love, transfiguration, and power promised by this Eclipse chart. New strengths and new vision are coming forth over the next few months. You can follow the internal links in this article to the previous articles about this specific Eclipse.

As with the previous links, follow the internal links in this one to the previous articles about this Eclipse.

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Again, go to parts 1 and 3 to find out the Sabian Symbols, aspects, Jones pattern, and all the other details about its qualities. When we pay attention, we can see how and why we deny our feelings and neglect our needs by giving them low priority. Eclipses urge us to see unconscious patterns that control us so we can advance into making more conscious choices.

The Cancer archetype is ruled by the Moon. Both embody the feminine principle of impermanence, feelings, and needs and how they change.

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Evolution is the nature of our personal, collective, and cosmic realities. Eclipses helps see how we need to change to advance our evolutionary process. Cancer evolves by learning to trust and thus be available to receive. To do so requires releasing oneself from dependency, neediness, and taking care of everyone but ourselves.

While the there is a stellium in Cancer, we need to ask ourselves — What feeds us? What kind of support do we need most right now? How can we create a more healthy home life and be mutually supportive of each other? The planet goes backward and then retraces its steps, crossing the same section of the zodiac three times. Mercury is retrograde for about three weeks times a year. This retrograde period gives us time to slowdown and process the impact of the 2 eclipses. Mercury and Mars closely interact from mid-June to early September.

Their three exact conjunctions encourage assertiveness and truth-telling. They can also trigger defensiveness, misplaced aggressiveness, and misunderstandings. To best use this combination of energies, we need to pay attention to where others are coming from, not jump to conclusions, and speak only for ourselves. The right use of courage must be combined with caution, curiosity, listening, and speaking from our heart. When Mars squares Uranus July 11, stay centered to avoid emotional reactions fed by fear, disappointment, sadness, or shame. July 8 Chiron takes its yearly turn retrograde at 6 degrees Aries.

It reaches 6 Aries again on April 4, Chiron represents how we must heal a core wound in order to tap into our core soul gift. Our healing journey prepares us to be an example for others and to teach those who face similar challenges. Aries and its ruling planet Mars encourage us to take charge of our own lives, to develop our will, courage, and belief in ourselves. Our passion for life leads us to tap into love to transcend fear.

Directed by intuition and compassion, we can transcend guilt, shame, blame, and hatred. Chiron squares this solar eclipse, challenging us to upgrade our expression of the misunderstood masculine and become spiritual warriors that support life, the planet, and all living beings.

Leo November 2019 Astrology 💕New Start In LOVE💕& Creative Changes!

Healing signifies wholeness and holiness, which we experience as we cultivate our personal sovereignty, live from the sacredness of our soul, and become the hero or heroine in our own lives. Your email address will not be published. Cancel comment response. Cancer represents the archetypal mother and Alpha female. To wit, U. Historical numbers of women, particularly women of color, were voted into the House during the midterms; yet, the U. With both Cancer and Capricorn associated with families, the shadow of the U.

But every jaw-dropping moment is also a clarion call, especially where eclipses are concerned. On a personal level, July will be anything but predictable. July 2 Solar Eclipse: Home sweet home? Turn your space into an Aries oasis, whether that means reconfiguring rooms or literally moving.

A new group of women could rock your world and possibly become future collaborators. Family may need additional support, so prepare to jump in as MVP.

Lunar Eclipse Meaning

You could get a raise, a line of credit to start a business, or an out-of-the-blue offer. An important male figure may have news or an opportunity to share. July 2 Solar Eclipse: The local scene is calling your name, so get involved, Bull. You could find your summer squad at the neighborhood pub, open mic night or a street festival.

Transportation is highlighted. July 16 Lunar Eclipse: Opportunity and news may come from afar, necessitating last-minute travel. July 2 Solar Eclipse: Get your hustle on! The tide is turning on finances, but you need to bring some integrity back to your budgeting. Stability is the goal, even if that means returning to the grind to pay some dues.

July 16 Lunar Eclipse: Intensity alert! This is a soulful, sexy day that could be one of the most passionate of !


But watch out, because jealousy could erupt like an active volcano, so watch that vengeful streak. July 2 Solar Eclipse: Nailed it! Let your spontaneous side guide you for at least a few hours. You could walk right into an unexpected opportunity! July 16 Lunar Eclipse: Commit or quit! This eclipse draws a line in the sand. The adventure shared or solo begins once you commit to a path and stop looking back.

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July 2 Solar Eclipse: White light insights hit you out of nowhere! Have a seat and process this, Leo. Summertime sadness might be part of the process, so keep the tissues close. Or, let this be day one of your graceful exit that you make before is through. July 16 Lunar Eclipse: Have you been slacking on self-care?

No mas! Plunge into a summertime fitness routine and reboot your bod with plant-based fare.