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A Capricorn born January 4 is symbolized by the goat and has a quirky and sympathetic nature. Learn about January 4 birthday astrology.

This depth is where we start our Cosmic journey towards liberation or Moksha.

The 4 th house is like the roots of an old tree. As it connects us to our ancestors, it also connects us to family problems. Unwanted and complicated family memories and feud can affect health and sleep patterns.

House in Vedic Astrology

This is where 4 th can get a bit dark for us. The effects of planets on the 4 th house. The presence of Sun in the 4 th house brings a lot of emphasis on desires, emotional comfort and pursuing goals. Sun also emphasizes on hidden ambitions below the surface and makes the native victims of the frustration and jealousy of those more accomplished. But it makes natives more nurturing towards others at the same time. The Moon brings a lot of stable emotions in the 4 th house.

Importance of Bhava

Moon in the 4 th house ensures a strong maternal presence in childhood which develops a nurturing attitude inside the native also. The native trusts his intuitions immensely and has a habit of checking with his emotions before acting. Mars brings a lot of restlessness and emotional instability in the 4 th house. There is a sense of jealousy and defensiveness in the native and he needs a lot of emotional growth.

On the bright side, it is not impossible. There is the scope of a lot of emotional strength being developed at a later stage by the native.

Mercury makes it difficult for the native to settle emotionally when it is placed in the 4 th house. There is constant instability and native often misunderstands thoughts for feelings. The interests are too many and this will be mentally exhausting. But the native has a playful nature and adapts to hurt feelings. The native with Jupiter in the 4 th house gets a philosophical and gracious heart. The horizons are further widened by religious teachings and metaphysics. The natives have a tendency to exaggerate feelings but at the same time, they also know how to rise above their hurt feelings and be gracious with others.

Vedic Astrology – House 4, Bandhu Bhava

In this placement, Venus shows trust that the heart will lead to beauty. The native will have a devotional nature and will show comfort, ease, and compromise while dealing with others. This will bring joy and satisfaction to others. The native will also have a tendency for excessive compromise which can make the romantic relationship abusive. Saturn in the 4 th house makes the heart heavy with negative and sad emotions. It could be because of any reason like being pressured heavily, abusive childhood, deep psychological entanglements, guilt or fear of mistakes.

The native will also have a strong capacity for meditation, stability, and solitude. CS1 maint: archived copy as title link which is no longer accessible. Subramanyam, p. Also Braha p. Dreyer pp. Also deFoux p. Hindu astrology. Categories : Hindu astronomy Technical factors of Hindu astrology. Hidden categories: CS1 maint: archived copy as title All articles lacking reliable references Articles lacking reliable references from February Namespaces Article Talk.

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Views Read Edit View history. The 4 th House, which comes in the 12 th position to the Fifth House, controls the traits opposite to the 5 th House. Atheism, radical and revolutionary ways of thinking, shunning freebies and donations to improve their wealth, using something without thinking about it or reflect on the deeper meaning, routine life, living in the native place without any travel and such come under the Fourth House.

Dhan Bhava Meaning | Second House in Horoscope | 2nd House in Indian Astrology

Significance of Twelve Lagna in Vedic astrology. The Fourth House represents the mother, early education, house, land, grain farms, personal life, treasures, mines, household items, the place where stolen goods are kept, ancestral properties, well, lake, river, and graveyard. The Fifth House controls the heart, the back, hormones, sperm and vaginal liquid production. The ability to spawn children, child born, entertainment, making oneself look beautiful, taste, enjoyment, interest in arts, living without any physical strain, deep thinking, interest in physical intimacy, getting things done without much effort, falling easily for charm, falling in love, romantic thinking, emotions, imaginary thoughts.

Too much indulgence in the Fifth House will bring down the efforts and physical well-being of a person which come under the rule of the 6 th and 10 th House. The 5 th House is in the 12 th position for the 6 th House and looks after the opposite traits of career, physical work, debt, disease, cases, and enmity.

Birth Chart vs. Nirayana Bhava Chalit Chart in Horoscope (Vedic Astrology)

The 6 th House comes in the 12 th position for the 7 th House which looks after the opposite traits of equal personalities, sharing physical intimacy, marriage, affairs, public relations, living in accordance with the society. The Sixth House denotes having wretched workers, slaves, pets, domestic animals, people who win over the person and others who the person can charm.

Divorce, separation, no physical intimacy, bachelordom are indicated by this House. Nine grahas and their importance in Vedic astrology. The Sixth House aspects the opportunity of working for others, monthly salary, employees, disease, litigations, miserliness, greed, arrogance, boasting, cheating others, winning by deceit, trying to do better than others, loneliness, disregarding others and increasing enemies. The lower stomach region, the middle part of the body, belly button, kidneys, and uterus are represented by the Seventh House.

12 Bhavas: Vedic Houses

The Ascendant denotes the general characteristics of a person. The 7 th House is in an equivalent position to the Ascendant and hence symbolizes people who are equivalent to a particular person. It may be the spouse, according to the ancient astrologers; it may also represent people important to a person like a mother, father, the grandparents, elderly uncles, aunties, children, and siblings. As the 7 th House shows people who play important role in their personal life, this House denotes sharing with others, their customers, public relations, social recognition, whether a person will be casual to approach or stand-offish and whether a person can be easily cheated.

The pains, troubles, travails, bad luck, accidents, hard work, loss of belongings, failure of a body organ and despair are under the control of the 8 th House. If there are no good aspects in the 8 th House, it will result in insurmountable hardships, hard work with no results, wayward behavior, things going awry, bringing dishonor and bad reputation, working hard to achieve even easy things, no recognition for their talents, hard work going to waste. The 9 th House appears as behind the triads of the 2 nd , 6 th and the 10 th Houses and the 8 th , 4 th and 12 th Houses, Hence if the 9 th House is unfavorable, it will prevent a person from taking up any occupation.

It will also denote the father and paternal relations. In the human body, the Tenth House denotes the lower parts like thighs, organs that function all the time like kidneys and intestines. The triad denoting the karma of a person is the triad of the 2 nd , 6 th and 10 th Houses. It is called as the peak House, as it signifies the career of a person.

For a person to be successful in his career, the aspects of his 10 th House play an important role.